Blairs Museum

The Chapel

The beauty of St. Mary’s Chapel never fails to make a lasting impression on visitors.  You are welcome to absorb the peace and tranquility of St Mary's Chapel as part of your visit to Blairs Museum (unless a service such as a wedding is taking place). 

The beautiful interior of St. Mary’s Chapel and its spectacular 150ft steeple serve as a wonderful example of late Victorian architecture.  The chapel opened for worship in 1901 with its primary function as the place of worship for the College students.  The chapel was a daily feature of life at Blairs, with Mass and other devotions such as Rosary and Benediction familiarising the boys with the formal practices of Catholic worship and ceremony.

St. Mary’s Chapel is still in active use today, having retained a local parish after the College closed in 1986. Mass is at 9.30 am on Sundays.

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Parish information:

Parish administrator: Deacon John Wire 07711 847582 or email

The Parish of St. Mary
South Deeside Road
Aberdeen AB12 5YQ

Mass Times:
Sunday Mass: 9.30 am
Holydays of Obligation: as announced (but usually 7.00 pm).